Delivering a trusted peer-to-peer services network of verifiable exchange for financial cooperatives.

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What are Credit Unions Saying About CULedger & MemberPass™?

“CULedger will benefit credit unions and their members by reducing risks associated with cybersecurity and fraud, improving the member experience and reducing costs. We look forward to working with CULedger to bring this platform to market.”

“Self-sovereign identity will change the very nature of the relationship that companies have with their customers, and I couldn’t think of a more fitting match for this breakthrough than credit unions, who know more about creating strong relationships than just about anybody. “

Steve Havas, Evernym CEO

“I think it’s one of the most exciting things going on in the marketplace right now, when you think of a digital wallet and credit unions coming together jointly, it’s incredible, and it’s neat to be on the ground floor.”

Mike Valentine, President & CEO, BCU

“Our members are already embracing this new method of authentication and sharing their excitement with our team.  We’ve been told that the enrollment process is simple and quick, and that they feel more secure when calling into the call center. We are ecstatic to eliminate friction historically associated authentication in a way that keeps both the member experience and data security at the forefront of the interaction.”

“It’s very key for an individual to own their own identity. The challenge is some of the areas that are the most sensitive where we would use usernames and passwords, we create are the ones where you’ve duplicated the password elsewhere. If you can have a MemberPass™ and then give the rights to entities to engage with, it’s really going to work better in our digital society going forward.”