CULedger's Chief Engagement Officer Julie Esser has been traveling the globe as of late to share the many benefits of distributed ledger technology (a.k.a. blockchain) for credit unions worldwide. Just this year, Julie has traveled to Singapore, Poland, Montreal, and will be venturing to Switzerland in a couple weeks to share the virtues of blockchain and how credit unions and their members not only can benefit but lead the way in this area -- which will be a major part in the future of secure financial services.

CULedger President/CEO John Ainsworth stopped by the Studio Lounge to explain why credit unions should care about blockchain and the tremendous impact it's about to have on the industry -- along with MyCUID advancements, as well. These are two technologies credit unions definitely cannot sleep on to remain relevant the minds of today's savvy consumers -- and even take the lead in implementing. Recent CULedger partnerships with Poland, Canada, and elsewhere in the world display how global this movement is for credit unions.



CULedger Chief Engagement Officer Julie Esser stopped by the Studio Lounge for quick chat on the latest with the blockchain-based CUSO, along with its partnership with WOCCU -- and how that works. Julie also discussed MyCUID, the first global identity system that looks to be a real game changer for credit unions worldwide. One of 2018's primary objective is to create 1 million MyCUID digital identity credentials from credit union members -- it's "March to a Million" goal. Heading into 2019, CULedger plans to release a commercial version of MyCUID for consumers throughout the globe. It's safe to say CULedger is thinking very big and credit unions are the foundation for it all. Very exciting for the industry for sure. Check out our conversation to get the details and let us know your thoughts.


Opening day at PSCU's 2018 Member Forum was an active one to say the least with keynote speakers former Apple Macintosh marketer turned venture capitalist and now Chief Evangelist of Canva Guy Kawasaki and University of Alabama Head Football Coach and National Champion Nick Saban wowing attendees about their stories of leadership, perseverance, and success. But the big announcement occurred when PSCU President/CEO Chuck Fagan took the stage to announce the CUSO had launched a new company called Lumin Digital -- which caught everybody off guard. Chuck was kind enough to stop by the Studio Lounge after this big reveal to discuss the launch, how long it's been in the making, why they did it, goals, and much more. We also touched on the recent CULedger partnership announcement and what will come of that -- MyCUID seems to be the main topic of interest there right now. And Chuck shared goals, takeaways and expectations for this year's Member Forum in St. Louis.