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CULedger Julie Esser Updates Us On MyCUID’s “March to a Million” Goal



CULedger Chief Engagement Officer Julie Esser stopped by the Studio Lounge for quick chat on the latest with the blockchain-based CUSO, along with its partnership with WOCCU -- and how that works. Julie also discussed MyCUID, the first global identity system that looks to be a real game changer for credit unions worldwide. One of 2018's primary objective is to create 1 million MyCUID digital identity credentials from credit union members -- it's "March to a Million" goal. Heading into 2019, CULedger plans to release a commercial version of MyCUID for consumers throughout the globe. It's safe to say CULedger is thinking very big and credit unions are the foundation for it all. Very exciting for the industry for sure. Check out our conversation to get the details and let us know your thoughts.

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