CULedger Chief Engagement Officer​ Julie Esser stopped by the Studio Lounge just before the Next Big Idea competition to discuss one of the most compelling pieces of technology for credit unions I've seen in a very long time -- and that's MyCUID, the credit union industry’s first global digital identity credential. Julie provides all the details on how this sovereign ID technology works by giving us our own digital ID that can be used anywhere and can't be hacked.

VISA Head of Community Accounts Doug Leighton was on one of the best blockchain panels I've seen ever (CULedger President/CEO John Ainsworth, BCU SVP/CIO Jeff Johnson, and Constellation Digital Partners CEO Kris Kovacs -- facilitated by Finivation CEO/Co-founder Brian Bodell). Fascinating discussion from some of our industry's top minds for sure. But there was one nugget that Doug stated during the panel conversation that stuck with me and I had to ask him during our brief interview: how blockchain can help 45 million "credit invisible" consumers -- and the credit union connection.

CULedger President/CEO John Ainsworth joined us in the Studio Lounge to discuss the current status of CULedger, along with other related topics such as blockchain, the digital revolution, financial inclusion, and Estonia being the digital capital of the world -- yes, Estonia. But what does it all mean for credit unions? Watch and find out.
John also touched on MyCUID, a new consumer-focused global digital identity solution -- CULedger's venture with Evernym. Check it out and let us know your thoughts. Exciting stuff here for credit unions.



New CULedger President/CEO John Ainsworth and CULedger Founding Member Rick Cranston were recently guests on the online video talk show CU broadcast. 

Ainsworth was announced as the new leader of CULedger earlier this month. He comes to the distributed ledger technology company from MasterCard where he was executive vice president of North America Markets.  

When asked by host Mike Lawson why he joined CULedger, Ainsworth said: “I was think of about doing something entrepreneurial and disruptive, especially in the credit union space. If you look at all the attributes of CULedger, this was a perfect opportunity within in the credit union industry.” 

Cranston, who serves as vice president of innovation for the Mountain West Credit Union Association, cited Ainsworth’s talent and depth of knowledge as key reasons why he was hired for the job. “In addition to that the relationship that John brings to the table both inside our industry and outside our industry are important to us, Cranston said. 

Ainsworth said the next step for CULedger is “to become live and executional.” Cranston called CULedger “a launchpad for innovation.”

Premier America Credit Union President/CEO Rudy Pereira President/CEO and Mountain West Credit Union Association Director of Business and Product Development Rick Cranston joined us to discuss the recent news of CULedger recently becoming a CUSO and what this means for credit unions now and in the future. According to Rudy and Rick, the future looks very bright for both CULedger and credit unions, creating an industry ecosystem ripe for R&D of cutting edge technologies that will accelerate innovative products and services -- just the thing to enhance credit union relevancy. But there's still a lot of work to do as this new CUSO and its leaders set a solid foundation for an opportunity-laden future.