White Papers & Articles

Blockchain Explained

What is blockchain and why is it so important to the current technological environment? In this article, Reuters provides a visual guide of blockchain technology and describes how information is recorded and stored in the blockchain database.

Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework

The Sovrin Trust Framework defines the business, legal, and technical terms which all Members of the Sovrin Network agree to follow in order to achieve trust in Sovrin as a global public utility for self-sovereign identity.

How Sovrin Works

This guide explains how Sovrin works and explores an example customer's interactions with a bank, the local government, a potential employer, a school and a retailer. These scenarios provide an overview of the consumer-facing experience of Sovrin as well as its capabilities.

The Technical Foundations of Sovrin

Sovrin's previous white paper discussed the internet's glaring identity problem, and the negative impact it has on your organization. But, with the recent emergence of distributed ledger technology (DLT), any person, organization, or asset can have its own digital identity without the use of a central authority.