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As the credit union industry explores the practical applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT), commonly known as blockchain, they should first seek to understand how digital self-sovereign identity. Self-sovereign identity is a portable form of identification that does not depend on any central authority and is nearly impossible for hackers to steal or corrupt. It is built on DLT technology, which serves as an immutable, highly secure digital network of exchange, and can serve as a bridge between this technology and members’ everyday needs.

Sovrin: What Goes on the Ledger?

One of the most common questions about Sovrin is, “What goes on the ledger?” This paper answers that question and explains several key decisions the Sovrin Technical Governance Board (TGB) has made about why data should or should not go on the Sovrin Ledger.

Blockchain Explained

What is blockchain and why is it so important to the current technological environment? In this article, Reuters provides a visual guide of blockchain technology and describes how information is recorded and stored in the blockchain database.

Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework

The Sovrin Trust Framework defines the business, legal, and technical terms which all Members of the Sovrin Network agree to follow in order to achieve trust in Sovrin as a global public utility for self-sovereign identity.